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Procharger Superchargers

LSX Performance Parts supplies the entire range of packages to suit all LS powered vehicles.

Procharger have been leaders in the forced induction industry for over 25 years. Procharger offers a range of the most powerful, most consistent & most advanced centrifugal supercharger systems available.

Designed, Developed, Engineered & manufactured in the USA, Procharger delivers the most power-per-pound of boost for street, Strip & drag race applications.

Procharger backs their products so much so that they ensure warranty on their range of products at boost levels as much as 3 x that of their competitors.



Instantly Bolt On 50% - 80% MORE Horsepower NOW

Procharger proves the largest street legal power gains than any other system on the market.

Your new Procharger kit comes complete with everything you need to bolt up & make some serious power.

Procharger Superchargers are designed to be installed on completely stock OR modified vehicles. This means - You can install your Procharger yourself without the need of a custom dyno tune or you can have your Procharger dealer install it for you.

unlike turbochargers, the increase in performance you experience with a ProCharger supercharger is instant, Consistent, Reliable and with a good thermal profile - There is NO “turbo lag” or extreme exhaust gas temperatures which means instant, On-demand bolt on horsepower.

From the street, To the track & everything in between, Procharger’s engineering and Development teams go to great lengths to ensure your enhanced vehicle exceeds your expectations. From stock to purpose-built racing machines, once you’ve experienced the huge gains of your newly Procharged vehicle, you’ll agree that ProCharger is the Ultimate Power Adder®.



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