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Deatschwerks Injectors

What Are Deatschwerks Injectors?

Deatschwerks Injectors are an American Owned & Operated company designing and supplying the highest quality fuel injectors to suit all applications.

Deatschwerks Injectors is a household name in the automotive performance industry. 
The Deatschwerks range offers a vast range of Injector Sizes which have been flow matched and tested to within the finest tolerances of each unit.


What Injector Is Best For My Car?

When choosing the right injector for your car,  it is important to factor in the following variances around your build.

  • What Fuel Type?
  • Is It Naturally Aspirated or Forced Induction
  • Will It Be Running On 98 or E85
  • How Much Horsepower Are You Planning To Make
The above will help determine the correct injector for your application.

Want Help Choosing The Right Injector For Your Car?


Sure! Give us a call on (03)8595 4343 OR Get In Touch & schedule a time that best suits you. We will have one of our sales consultants contact you at your convenience.

Alternatively, We are available for Live Chat right now!