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Harrop H05 Camshaft Packages


The Harrop H05 camshaft is the perfect camshaft for the naturally aspirated OR supercharged daily driver.


What Are The Benefits Of The H05 Camshaft?

This camshaft is designed to make great power basically right off idle all the way through to top end while retaining near stock drive-ability due to its wider lobe separation.
This camshaft delivers a slightly smooth idle while still giving a nice note.

Harrop has designed this camshaft to work with both naturally aspirated & supercharged applications without the need for clutch/torque converter OR diff upgrades. 


Harrop H05 Camshaft Specs

The Harrop H05 Cam Specs are as follows -

Duration 216/224
Lobe Separation @ 116
Valve Inlet .593"
Exhaust .592"