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Harrop H01 Camshaft Packages



The Harrop H01 camshaft is the perfect naturally aspirated camshaft to give you the best of both worlds.


What are the benefits of the H01 Camshaft?

The H01 camshaft provides a nice lumpy idle, increase in mid-range to top-end without sacrificing down low and can be used in auto or manual applications. 
This camshaft can also be used in a forced induction, However due to the lobe separation angle (LSA) it tends to lose around 2psi of boost through the camshaft cycle.
This is easily overcome with a simple boost upgrade to compensate.

Harrop H01 Camshaft Specs

The Harrop H01 Cam Specs are as follows -

Duration 226/232
Lobe Separation @112
Valve Inlet .607"
Exhaust .602"