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Engine Displacement Calculator

Use our FREE & SIMPLE to use engine displacement calculator to assist with providing you the answer to your working out your cubic inch capacity.

How is engine displacement calculated?

Working out your engine's displacement is a method of calculation by way of Cylinder bore size MULTIPLIED by Crankshaft stroke length MULTIPLIED by number of cylinders.

Example: 4.125" Cylinder bore size X 4.00" crankshaft stroke length X 8 cylinders.

The answer to your equation provided is the volume of air that can be pumped through your engine.

Use our engine displacement calculator to work out your engines cubic inch capacity

Planning For Performance

Taking the time to plan your build is going to go a long way in ensuring the success of your horsepower goals.

Working out the perfect combination can be a complex process, So be sure to research a number of combinations that will support the set-up.

Having the right team on your side is a great way to achieve the absolute best possible outcome for your hard earned dollars going into your engine.