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LSX Machine Shop

We offer a complete range of services to get your LS Block machined and ready for assembly.

With everything from honing, decking, machining, porting & assembly we can take care of your build from start to finish.

LSX Machine Shop Newen Fixed Turning Machine

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  • LSA Supercharger Porting
    LSA Supercharger Porting   There are 2 x sections to your LSA supercharger that we port. The first is a 'U shaped' front housing which is ported out to allow the increased airflow from the snout into the rotor pack...
  • LSA Supercharger Blower Snout CNC Porting
    LSX Performance Parts proudly offers our LSA blower snout CNC porting. Teaming up with Higgins Race Developments, We provide an entire range of options to increase your LSA's potential with some serious horsepower gains at...
  • Engine Balancing
    LSX Engine Balancing & Stroker Assembly Balancing   Engine Internal Balancing is a process used to synchronize the weights between Crankshaft, Conrods & Pistons.This process also includes synchronizing...
  • Machining & Clearancing
    Block machining & Clearance.   Engine Block machining is the most important part of the preparation when building an engine. without everything it can cause endless issues. - Machining/ Milling - the Deck...
  • Cylinder Head CNC Porting
    By partnering with Higgins Race Heads this means that you are getting the best in the business using the best CNC machinery available to create the best results! The Cylinder head is one of the most important factors when...

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