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The Factory GM Engines are known for Standard Lifters requiring replacement especially when Modified.

Upgrading to A GM Performance Lifter or Tie Bar Lifter setup is a Must Have for all LS Engines.

By removing the unreliable OEM Lifter and Plastic Lifter holding trays and replacing them with a Tie Bar style lifter you are preventing the two key factors for the OEM Lifter failure.

1. the Plastic Lifter bucket cracking allowing movement in the lifter and damaging the camshaft.

2. The OEM Lifter turning and taking a chunk out of the camshaft and possible extensive internal engine damage.

Don't risk your engines reliability by cutting corners. Upgrade to your Lifters when doing your next performance upgrades.

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  • Clevite GM Performance Lifters Set
    Clevite GM Performance Replacement Lifters. Perfect replacement for the factory GM Lifters which are prone to fail or damaged lifters. Suitable for standard replacement or high performance applications. Kit includes x1...
  • Johnson Hi Lift Hydraulic Lifters
    Johnson Hylift High Performance Hydraulic Lifters. The Johnson Hylift Range is 100% American Made Performance Lifters designed for High Performance LS Engines. Perfect replacement for the Stock Lifters known to...

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