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SLP Superchargers



Since their inception back in 1987, SLP's set out from the get go to develop & manufacture a 50-state emission LEGAL performance package for late model American muscle cars, Specifically for V8 Camaro's & Firebird's.  To this day 30 + years on & SLP continue to exceed this commitment today.

True to their name SLP (Street Legal Performance), The vision of SLP's part program is to not just provide performance, but to do so with the best engineering practices and quality possible, far exceeding the industry standards.

SLP are proudly 100% ALL AMERICAN manufacturing & precision engineering.

SLP Performance teamed up with the supercharger experts at Eaton to build quality, tested superchargers that add a ton of horsepower. These superchargers have a standard roots-type design, but with intermeshed helical rotors and special port geometry. They promote smooth, efficient, and quiet operation and are driven by less than 1/3 hp at 60 mph. Overdriven for boost starting at off-idle, they have an internal bypass valve to eliminate power loss at part throttle, plus a self-contained lubrication system, all in a compact package.