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Harrop H02 Camshaft Packages



The Harrop H02 camshaft is Harrop's boosted version of the Harrop H01 Camshaft - Which is one of the most efficient comshaft grinds on the market to suit an all-round, Great gain in performance.


What Are The Benefits Of The H02 Camshaft?

The Harrop H02 is perfect blower camshaft, offering great horsepower and torque gains while still retaining great drive-ability.
The H02 works with the standard stall convertor and diff ratio. 

Designed to work with the Harrop FDFI1900, FDFI2300 & LSA Superchargers, This camshaft will get that supercharged beast really moving!

Can also be used in naturally aspirated applications wanting to retain factory stall convertors and still make great power.


Harrop H02 Camshaft Specs

The Harrop H02 Cam Specs are as follows -

Duration 224/232
Lobe Separation @ 114
Valve Inlet .609"
Exhaust .610"