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Harrop Camshafts


Harrop Engineering have launched their latest range of custom billet camshafts made in USA & designed for our Australian cars & applications

What Are The Benefits Of A Harrop Camshaft?

The newest camshaft range is designed to improve all round performance with a camshaft designed specific to each unique application.
Whether your car is a naturally aspirated daily driver, weekend cruiser or race car to a Supercharged daily driver or weekend street beast we have an option for you.

By designing 6 custom camshafts for all scenarios the Harrop Camshaft Range can cater to all engines and all purposes.

Want Some Help Selecting The Right Camshaft For Your Car?

Sure! Simply click Get In Touch & schedule a time that best suits you. We will have one of our sales consultants contact you at your convenience.

check out the range below.

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  • Harrop H01 Camshaft
    Harrop H01 Camshaft The Harrop H01 camshaft is the perfect naturally aspirated camshaft to give you the best of both worlds.   What are the benefits of the H01 Camshaft? The H01 camshaft provides a nice lumpy...
  • Harrop H02 Camshaft
    Harrop H02 Camshaft   The Harrop H02 camshaft is Harrop's boosted version of the Harrop H01 Camshaft - Which is one of the most efficient comshaft grinds on the market to suit an all-round, Great gain in performance...
  • Harrop H03 Camshaft
    Harrop H03 Camshaft Harrop H03 Camshaft - The second largest naturally aspirated camshaft from the Harrop range.   What Are The Benefits Of The H03 Camshaft? The H03 is designed to give you maximum performance,...
  • Harrop H04 Camshaft
    Harrop H04 Camshaft The Harrop H04 is the biggest and baddest in the Harrop supercharger grind range.   What Are The Benefits Of The H04 Camshaft? Designed to make serious horsepower and torque while delivering a...
  • Harrop H05 Camshaft
    Harrop H05 Camshaft The Harrop H05 camshaft is the perfect camshaft for the naturally aspirated OR supercharged daily driver.   What Are The Benefits Of The H05 Camshaft? This camshaft is designed to make great...
  • Harrop H06 Camshaft
    Harrop H06 Camshaft Harrop H06 camshaft - Delivering you the best of both worlds.   What Are The Benefits Of The H06 Camshaft? Great horsepower and torque gains with near stock drive-ability. One of the most...

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