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LS Forged Rods & Pistons On Sale NOW


  • Are you playing Russian roulette with your standard internals??
  • Are you making WAY more power than the standard internals are designed to handle??
  • Are you running big boost on a stock bottom end??
  • Has your engine seen a few kilometres??
  • Planning on fitting a blower OR aggressive heads & cam package to your stock bottom end??

These are just some of the frequent conversations we find ourselves having with customers down here at LSX Performance Parts!

Making more horsepower than your standard internals are designed to handle can be easily achieved - That is why we chat with as many people as we can to raise awareness of the 'risk' side of performance.

The risk factor is often overlooked when the target is to make the most power you possibly can with your new upgrades.

Creating a plan for your engine upgrades will ensure that you can affords to budget towards upgrading not only the parts that add or increase horsepower, BUT have a plan to upgrade the rotating assembly so that the engine is designed handle its new horsepower SAFELY.

Prevention - That is the objective. To prevent failure of your standard parts that are not designed to handle the horsepower you are making/planning on making.

If you can prevent failure by investing in upgraded internals, You will avoid having to deal with the awkward conversation of your mechanic telling you that you have broken everything - Then you receive the quote!

Avoiding a costly rebuild & saving you money is what LSX Performance Parts is all about!

We are running a sale on our forged rods & pistons sets.

This package includes the following:

  • Callies Compstar Rods
  • Forged 4340 Steel
  • 6.125" length
  • H beam
  • ARP 2000 Series rod bolts
  • Rated to beyond 850 + horsepower

  • 8 x Carillo CP Bullet Series Pistons
  • Forged 2618 Steel
  • Designed to suit standard stroke OR stroker crank
  • Designed to suit ALL combinations of cubic inch
  • Boost OR Naturally aspirated options
  • Compression ratios to suit build
  • Valve reliefs
  • 1.5mm steel gas nitride top ring
  • 1.5mm napier second ring
  • 3.0mm oil ring
  • Special skirt design for low piston noise
  • Rated to beyond 1,100 + horsepower

Check out our kits here -


Take advantage of our sale priced forged rods & pistons to suit your engine!

This kit will suit the following engines:

  • LS1
  • LS2
  • LS3
  • L98
  • L76/L77
  • LSA
  • LSX
  • Dart

Need More Info On The Right Package To Suit Your Build?

Sure, Give us a call on (03)8595 4343 or live chat with us to work out the perfect combination.


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