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LSA Upgrades

When it comes to upgrading & modifying the performance of your engine, The LSA is hands down the most versatile & adaptive engine to work with. There has never been a better LS engine that provides mind blowing power straight out of the box. On top of that, With minimal modifications, You can increase huge horsepower & torque instantly.  

LSA Performance Upgrades in Action

Check out the below video of Higgins own HSV Gen-F II Maloo which they used to research & develop the LSA engine. This research & development means that you can take advantage of upgrading your LSA knowing that the testing has been proven & backed by the industries best CNC machinist of almost 30 years.





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  • LS9 Supercharged Camshaft 211/230
    GM Performance LS9 Supercharger Camshaft. Designed to suit the flagship LS9 Supercharged Engine the LS9 Camshaft is a great upgrade over the LSA Cam. With its increase in duration and lift the LS9 Cam is an instant bolt in...
  • LSA Blower Snout Porting
    LSA Supercharger Snout Porting   By porting the LSA Supercharger Snout, We are maximising the amount of air going into the supercharger housing. We start by a clean up of the snout & then we commence the porting...
  • Harrop LSA Cold Air Intake
    Harrop LSA Cold Air Intake
    $574.52 $564.36
    Harrop LSA Air Box   LSX Performance Parts supply you with the most powerful cold air intake upgrade for the LSA - The Harrop LSA Air Box. Harrop have partnered with Lingenfelter who are specialists to the LSA...
  • Powerbond LSA 10% Overdrive Balancer Kit
    Powerbond LSA 10% Overdrive Boost Upgrade Kit This kit includes the following:- Powerbond 10% Overdriven Harmonic Balancer- Drive Belt This increases the Supercharger Speed by increasing the diameter of the Harmonic...
  • Powerbond LSA 22% Overdrive Balancer Kit
    Powerbond LSA 22% Overdrive Boost Upgrade Kit This kit includes the following:- Powerbond 22% Overdriven Harmonic Balancer- Drive Belt- Idler Relocation Bracket This increases the Supercharger Speed by increasing the...
  • Harrop LSA Camshaft Package
    Whether you are seeking more power from your LSA engine, looking to improve the presence of your vehicle with an aggressive idle or compliment your LSA engine, we have a camshaft kit to suit your needs! The new camshaft...
  • Higgins CNC LSA Cylinder Heads
    Higgins CNC LSA Cylinder Heads
    $1,196.91 $1,069.97
    Higgins CNC LSA Cylinder Heads LSX Performance Parts partners with Higgins Race Developments for ALL our CNC machine work. Higgins utilise their own in-house state of the art digital CNC program that guarantees the...
  • LSA Supercharger Porting
    LSA Supercharger Porting   There are 2 x sections to your LSA supercharger that we port. The first is a 'U shaped' front housing which is ported out to allow the increased airflow from the snout into the rotor pack...

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