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LSA Uprades

We are proud to offer our LSA customers the entire range of LSA Performance Packages from the best suppliers in Australia!

The first step in allowing your LSA engine to breath is to compliment it with either the Harrop Performance side airbox OR the VCM Performance side airbox. Both these quality intakes make some considerable power gains over the standard GM intake.

We then offer LSA boost upgrades which we can work out your needs to suit your driving style & power target. The sky is the limit with what is without a doubt Holden's BEST engine ever released.

We have the Di Filippo Performance Exhaust & HARROP Performance Exhausts system to suit your pride & joy. Both DPE & Harrop have worked tirelessly to bring you uncompromised quality & maximum performance with both the systems on offer.

In terms of value for money, The LSA engine is by far the best on the market for affordable power gains.

Now found across the Entire Gen F2 HSV Range along with the Gen F GTS the LSA Market is popular as ever!

We have developed a range of LSA Upgrades in Stages to Suit ALL Purposes! Ask us about our options to suit your vehicle today. 

Finance Packages are available across Our Entire LSA upgrade range, Call or email us to find out about our affordable weekly/fortnightly OR monthly repayments & Flexible Loan Terms. 


We also offer Optional Complete Driveline Warranty on ALL of our Upgrades, Check Out Our range below or give us a call!



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  • LSA Supercharger Porting
    LSA Supercharger Porting. Increasing the amount of air into a Supercharger to force into your engine sounds Simple & the results are effective however the process is very intricate and requires more than just a grinder...
  • LSA Blower Snout Porting
    LSA Supercharger Snout Porting. The LSA Supercharger has proven that for a 1900 blower they are capable of big things.However the factory cast supercharger needs improvements to get a serious edge and unleash those extra...
  • Harrop 570kw Package
    Harrop 570kw LSA Package This Harrop Upgrade Package gives you all of the necessary modifications to maximise performance including upgrading to the complete 3" Inch Harrop Pro Xtreme Exhaust System. This package...
  • Harrop 530kw Package
    Harrop 530kw LSA Package This Harrop Upgrade Package gives you all of the necessary modifications to maximise performance without upgrading exhaust or engine internals, This package takes your standard LSA from 400kw to...
  • Harrop 500kw Package
    Harrop 500kw LSA Package This Harrop Upgrade Package is the next step up from the 475kw package, giving you even more out of your LSA Engine by not only removing the restrictive factory OEM Intake Air Box but...
  • Harrop 475kw Package
    Harrop 475kw LSA Package This Harrop Upgrade Package unlocks the potential of your LSA Engine by removing the restrictive factory OEM Intake Air Box. The Harrop Intake Kit includes a Large K&N Filter allowing your...
  • LSA Stage 5 Package
    LSA Stage 5 Package
    $8,149.00 $7,599.00
    0 star rating
    LSA STAGE 5 Upgrade Our LSA Stage 5 Package is the Supercar Performance Package! This package delivers up to 150-200 rwkw gain depending on camshaft selection & boost option giving...
  • LSA Stage 4 Package
    LSA Stage 4 Package
    $6,599.00 $6,099.00
    0 star rating
    LSA STAGE 4 Upgrade Our LSA Stage 4 Package is the ultimate street car combination! This package delivers around 120-160 rwkw gain depending on cam selection & boost option giving you a massive...
  • LSA Stage 3 Package
    LSA Stage 3 Package
    $5,549.00 $4,999.00
    0 star rating
    LSA STAGE 3 Upgrade Our LSA Stage 3 Package is the perfect option for customer's wanting to maximise performance with simple bolt on modifications. This package delivers around 80-100 rwkw gain depending on...
  • LSA Stage 2 Package
    LSA Stage 2 Package
    $3,749.00 $3,549.00
    0 star rating
    LSA STAGE 2 Upgrade Our LSA Stage 2 Package is the perfect option for customer's looking hear that beast roar. This package delivers around 60-70 rwkw gain depending on boost option giving you a massive...
  • Higgins CNC LSA Cylinder Heads
    Higgins CNC LSA Cylinder Heads
    $1,650.00 $1,475.00
    0 star rating
    Higgins Race Heads - Bolt On Horsepower Gains!   With Higgins own state of the art Digital CNC Program you are guaranteed the best results every time. 5 Axis Machining, CNC intake & Exhaust Ports, Recut...

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