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LSA Supercharger Porting

Since the release of the LSA powered vehicles in Australia, We have been developing an already good engine & making it great.

LSX Performance Parts provide you with a complete selection of precision porting & CNC machining for your LSA powered vehicle.


What We Do

Once you supply us with your complete LSA supercharger, Our team will disassemble the supercharger, snout & manifold.

We remove the rotor pack from the supercharger housing & prepare the snout, supercharger & manifold for porting.

We start by porting the rear of the snout to increase the amount of air going into the supercharger housing.

Next we begin porting the supercharger unit itself. There are 2 x sections to the unit in which we port. The first is a 'U shaped' front housing which is ported out to allow the increased airflow from the snout into the rotor pack.

From there, The airflow passes through the rotors & be forced up through the triangle shaped intercooler entry. By porting this section, We are removing restriction & allowing increased airflow through the intercooler.

Finally, We port the manifold to remove any imperfections & restrictions ensure a consistent flow throughout.


What are the Benefits of Porting your LSA engine?

By porting your LSA engine, You are increasing the optimal airflow which results in more cold air into the supercharger, Forcing more air into the intercooler which means more cold air into the engine.

This process generates some seriously impressive gains in both torque & horsepower.


Want Some More Information On Our LSA Supercharger Porting?

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