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LSA 6.2L Forged Short Engine | Stage 2

SKU: 19370850 - Forged Short
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    LS 376ci Forged LSA Short Engine Package


    This engine is single-handedly responsible for changing the game for Australian Performance.

    The LSA provides a very unapologetic 556 Horsepower with 551 ft.lbs of torque straight from the crate which utilises the same 6.2litre 376ci Engine found in the 5th Generation Camaro ZL1 featuring the same 1.9L Eaton TVS supercharger.

    This LSA upgrade will be your best investment in Power with an entire range of upgrades available.

    Our LSX Performance Parts Stage 2 LSA Short Engine is built with a purpose - To produce the highest performing LSA Short to suit your needs. 

    No matter your plans or direction for the combination, Our builds are designed to offer the best quality products and best performance for your application.

    This engine package is perfect for the following -

    • Drift Car
    • Drag Car
    • Street/Strip Car
    • Tough Cruiser
    • Hillclimb Car
    • Touring Car
    • Much more...

    We only use the best products on the market that have been tried, Tested & Proven to produce the results that our customers expect.

    All internals are of the highest quality American Forged steel & all fasteners are the one & only ARP.


    LSA Short Engine Standard Specs -


    The LSA's Core components include a unique aluminium cylinder block casting that’s home to a forged steel crankshaft and super-tough reciprocating parts, and integrated piston-cooling oil jets.

    • Engine Type: LS-Series Gen-IV Small-Block V-8
    • Displacement: 376ci (6.2L)
    • Bore x Stroke: 4.065" X 3.622" (103.25 x 92 mm)
    • Block (Part #:12623968): Cast aluminium with six-bolt, cross-bolted main caps
    • Crankshaft (Part #:12603616): Forged steel with eight-bolt flange
    • Connecting Rods (Part #:12604857): Powdered metal
    • Pistons (Part #:12625119): Hyper-eutectic aluminium
    • Camshaft Type (Part #:12623064): Hydraulic roller
    • Valve Lift: .492" intake / .480" exhaust
    • Camshaft Duration (@.050 in.): 198° intake / 216° exhaust
    • Compression Ratio: 9.1:1
    • Recommended Fuel: Premium pump
    • Maximum Recommended rpm: 6600
    • Reluctor Wheel: 58 x Tooth


    LSX Stage 2 | LSA Short Engine Upgrades Includes


    We take your brand new standard LSA short motor & turn it into an all new beast with our Stage 2 Performance Upgrades.

    These upgrades include:

    • Brian Tooley Racing Camshaft Installation - Your Choice Of Camshaft Grind
    • Genuine GM 3 Bolt cam gear
    • Billet Timing Chain
    • ARP camshaft bolts
    • Forged 4340 Steel 6.125" Inch Conrods
    • Forged Dish Top 9.8:1 Pistons Set
    • Piston Rings Set
    • High Performance Big End Bearing
    • High Performance Main Bearing
    • High Performance Camshaft Bearings


    We ONLY use the highest quality All-American performance products in all of our builds! 


    Want To Speak To Us About Your New Forged LSA Package?


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    Alternatively, We are available for live chat NOW.


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