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Harrop Camshafts



Harrop Engineering have launched a comprehensive program involving the design and procurement of our own range of USA billet based camshafts and valve-train components.

The new camshaft range is a Harrop Engineering exclusive, utilising the experience gained during 60+ years of involvement at the leading edge of automotive performance upgrades, with grind designs specific to the LS range of engines as fitted to many VT to VF model Commodore and HSV models.

Check out the range below.

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  • Harrop H06 Camshaft
    If you have a supercharged vehicle and want to maintain a nice smooth idle but enjoy an increase in engine performance, then the H06 is a great option for you. The perfect accompaniment to this camshaft is our Harrop Carbon...
  • Harrop H05 Camshaft
    The Harrop H05 camshaft is an excellent entry level supercharger grind due to it's wider LSA, which also makes it perfect for those with naturally aspirated vehicles who want to maintain relatively smooth idle...
  • Harrop H04 Camshaft
    The Harrop H04 camshaft is the largest of our supercharger grinds, giving you the biggest increase in performance but still maintaining acceptable levels of 'around town' driveability. The power increase is substantial and...
  • Harrop 03 Camshaft
    If you have a naturally aspirated, manual vehicle and you are after maximum performance gains then the Harrop H03 is for you. This camshaft has aggressive idle characteristics with the performance to match, it is perfectly...
  • Harrop H02 Camshaft
    The H02 is an excellent all round grind that suits both naturally aspirated and supercharged applications, offering a nice lumpy idle without compromising driveability. The H02 is fine for supercharged applications with...
  • Harrop H01 Camshaft
    The H01 is the perfect camshaft upgrade for naturally aspirated applications, giving a you a nice lumpy idle and a healthy increase in engine performance, due to it's narrower LSA and longer duration. The H01 will work with...

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