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GM Motorsport Built Square Port Camshaft | Stroker Camshaft

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GM Motorsport
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    GM Motorsport Built Square Port Camshaft



    What are the benefits of the GMM Built Square Port Camshaft?

    The Built Square Port camshaft is brutal stroker camshaft designed specifically to make horsepower!

    This camshaft features a brutal idle with the performance gains to match.

    Designed specifically for High Compression stroker engines with rectangle port cylinder heads this camshaft will deliver a violent increase in the mid to top end


    A minimum 3,200 rpm stall convertor is recommended.

    GMM Built Square Port Camshaft Specs

    The GMM Built Square Port Cam Specs are as follows -

    Duration 254/265
    Lobe Separation @112
    Valve Inlet .623"
    Exhaust .623"


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