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Edelbrock Victor Jr | LS1/LS2 Port Intake Manifold | EFI Intake

SKU: 29085
20.00 KGS
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    Edelbrock Victor Series Intake Manifold

    LSX Performance Parts provide you with a range of packages & options for your new intake upgrade.

    We are your source of all things performance & Intake Manifolds are one of our specialties. 

    Edelbrock Victor Series Intake Manifold Specs

    Designed specifically for the demands of up to 650hp capable engine combinations. 


    Operating Range 2,800-6,800rpm

    The Edelbrock Victor series is the ultimate bolt on N/A intake.


    Manifold Height   4.950"  (measured from the valley cover to Carb Flange)
    Flange Type 4150 Style
    Gasket Type O Ring Type Gasket
    Port Dimensions 1.00"
    EFI Compatible YES
    Fuel Rail Kit Optional


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